We had too many empty wine bottles just laying around - so a few years ago we started to making wine bottle lamps for gifts for all of our friends. As things got going a few friends showed our lamps and bottle sets to their friends. Then we showed a few winery owners and we started Wine Bottle Lamps. We just started the Smash Bottle which we again take recycled wine / beer bottles and make very unique wine related gifts. Please feel free to contact us via email about any custom made lamp or flatten bottle you would like us to make. Our email - [email protected]

We make a varity of unique Wine an Beer bottled gifts:

  • Wine and Beer Bottle Lamps
  • Wine and Beer Bottle Light Sets with LED lights inside
  • Flat Wine and Beer Bottles
  • Slumped Wine and Beer Bottles into serving dishes
  • Custom made orders with your special event bottles

Wholesale Accounts Welcomed